MIKE PLAYER is a comedian and the founder of 3 long-running comedy groups; “Shock of the Funny” in New York, “The Gay Mafia” and "Angry Daddies" in Los Angeles. He is the creator/executive producer of MTV’s LOGO Network series, “The Outlaugh Festival on Wisecrack." He is the editor and a contributor to “Out on the Edge: America’s Rebel Comics” published by Alyson Books, and author of the Kindle book "Viral - The Story of the Milkshake Girl."

March 17, 2014

The next Gay Mafia Flash Improv Workshop! will be Saturday April 12 1:30-4:30 at the Underground Theatre in Hollywood. Contact me to join us! All levels welcome.

The Angry Daddies are preparing for a June 1 and a July 13, 2014 show at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica.  New videos, sketch, and improv! More performances to be announced shortly.

I am busy with a few other writing projects as well. Look for a new website design soon. Hoowee what fun that is

Writer - Actor - Producer

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