Mike Player



September 14, 2018

We just released season one of our new podcast: "Central City on Demand." It's free on iTunes and everywhere you get your podcasts. Go to our website for all the info and be sure and subscribe! 

The podcast is part of the probation of Buddy Fontaine and R.J. Stot of the Midwest town of Central City. Join Buddy and R.J. as they promote the unusual attractions of Central City: Jobs, trends, nightlife, sex, retirement, quirks, events, and crimes, while sharing anecdotes from their own multi-faceted lives. All under the supervision of Judge Roberts.  Starring Mark Barnett and I.

I'm also working on a comedy suspense novel for 2019.

I coach the Comedy Smash Improv Workshop. It meets Monday evenings twice a month at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica. Next Workshop is Monday October 8, 2018. 1651 18th St. SM